Passport Photos

In a fit of excitement, I stayed up until three in the morning making my prototype passports. This is just a quick post to show them off. I went with multi-color because the paper was cheaper (and brighter and more colorful and more fun), and these have pictures of globes and the American Flag because I drew them by hand and I can’t draw the American eagle. But when I make my template so I can print them, I will print some with the eagle. I showed them to one of my fellow teachers already and she liked the idea. She’s even got a few ideas she could use them for.


This is what the inside looks like. It’s basically a copy of the student passports you can buy on Amazon. The stickers are because the only paper I had on hand was some homemade “stationary” i had made a decade ago. Instead of trying to pull them off, I decided to run with the idea and added a few.


The best part is that you can purchase the Amazon books for about $1 each, which isn’t bad really. But at roughly $4 for 100 sheets of colored paper and $4 for 200 sheets of white paper, making each passport a half sheet (roughly passport sized), I can make 200 of them for only $8, which, I guess, gives me a little more money to buy stamps…


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