Letters in Clay

Today, my students decided to get the clay out of the sensory cupboard. It was interesting to me in retrospect that my sensory boy could stay focused on rolling the biggest clay snake he could, while I calmly made letters with the clay and asked him “what is this letter? What is this letter?” I didn’t really have to ask more than once. It was as if his mind could focus better once his hands were occupied. Here’s the catch to this discovery: I already knew that. I already knew that a lot of students can focus better when they are doing something with their hands. Heck, I am one of those students. But I find myself more and more becoming one of those teachers who assumes that if the kid is not looking or is occupied by something else that they are not paying attention. Of course, this is not necessarily true, and I am trying to remind myself that they may actually be focusing better when they are doing this. This was a good reminder!


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